Why do I love Croatia?

Why do I love Croatia?

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When I was 20 years old, I fell in love with one tourist guide, what motivated me to get a license for a tourist guide. So I spent my student years traveling around the Europe rather than attending classes at Law University.

My first job as a tourist guide was in Croatia, on the island of Korcula, where I spent 3 months. Not only did I enjoy the wonderful colours of the Adriatic sea, but I fell in love with everything there: great Mediterranean food, open-hearted locals, smiling people enjoying their holidays in Croatia, beach cocktails and Ante (a local guy who stole my heart at the time).

I have even joined the local football club Hajduk, because it meant that one is really »a Dalmatian with heart and soul«, if one was a fan of the Torcida Hajduk club. I hardly knew who played in Hajduk, but it didn't matter to me. I was a proud owner of Torcida fan club towel and walked around talking Croatian with a Dalmatian accent (Dalmatia is he most beautiful  part of the Adriatic coast, including top 3 most popular islands).

Although my romance with Ante ended that summer, my relationship with the Adriatic sea progressed each year more passionately, so I eventually gave up law career and decided to do something connected with the most beautiful thing on Earth, the Adriatic sea.

Noticing how awfully hard it was to find a decent apartment on-line, I decided to found an agency, where I would personally find and test luxury apartments with western standards. In the beginning, it was hard to find them since the trend was still to rent old, cheap rooms, but luckily Croatian tourism finally realised that the future lies in better equipped accommodation, not in »my-grandma-left-me-a-house-and I-will-rent-it-to-tourists-without-further-investing-in-it«.

This is how the idea of Adriatic Pearls was born. Only those luxury apartments and villas in Croatia that were positioned directly at the sea and have inspired and thrilled me and my team, made it to our selection.

Now I enjoy my job, passionately serving our guests who seek better, modern and luxury accommodation on the Adriatic coast. In that way I spend between 4-6 months on the sea, jumping from one Island to another and finding real pearls. I have to admit, life is great! So I invite you to start focusing on one beautiful aspect of the life: enjoying yourself! A good star would be on holiday in Croatia…

Tanja Gutenmorgen, founder of the Adriatic Pearls


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