For owners

Models of cooperation

There are three models of collaboration.

We usually start with the first described, gradually move to the second, and sometimes even get to the third.

We will rarely skip the first and even less often will we get to the third. However, we are happy with each of them, as are our dear owners.

Don't believe it? Ask them.

“On request”

... as people like to say.

You manage your reservations by yourself, we call you, or even better, we write you an e-mail or sms message about the option or reservation for our client.

We appreciate your prompt response, as a desert man appreciates water.

Remember, one of our standards in customer service is fast response.

And we like to brag about it ...

“Fixed lease”

... is defined as the annual sum of money - a lump sum.

In this case, the risk of whether there will be enough reservations and whether all capacity will be filled, is on our side and you get your guaranteed annual income.

We usually make the payment in 6 annual installments, some owners prefer to do it in 12.

Your work is focused on the guest and on making them feel special on their holiday (we know we’ve said that before because we want you to fully understand our standards).

Most owners in this model of collaboration, are either living out of town or being employed entrepreneurs, share happiness in other areas of life.

So they prefer to leave the running of their house to professionals - us.

Wooo hooo, congratulations!

At this stage, you have gained your operational freedom and your home has been given the title of  "Managing by Adriatic Pearls ”.

We organize cleaning, pay bills, take care of tax returns. Use our standards, consider us the manager and offer our guests the highest level of vacation.


Sometimes owners get excited about other creative projects and lose interest in renting a house or just need a monetary contribution for a new idea.

In this case, we negotiate a fair price and buy your house.

We promise to love her and to take care of her, just as you did, and to continue to carry out your mission - to make our guests happy.

Our lives are enriched with the happiness of our guests.


But we are still equally satisfied when the owner says, "Thank you for the wonderful teamwork!"

We look forward to seeing you. Write us or call Tanja Gutenmorgen (

She loves practicing the Dalmatian dialect! :)

What to expect from our passionate service?