How to use the BBQ?

How to use the BBQ?

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Short instruction on how to use the Weber chimney and BBQ at Bol and Lumbarda Properties.

1. To ignite the flame use dedicated chimney and fill it to the top with the briquettes (they burn better and longer) or charcoal. Do not use wood.

2. Remove a large riddle and put a filled chimney on a small riddle. Turn the cube to ignite fire (one is enough), place it on a small griddle and place the chimney on the cube. Let it burn at least 15-20 minutes, so that the briquettes turn gray on the both sides.


3. Put briquettes on the small griddle and arrange them evenly across the surface (using the tool - trowel next to the grill), place a large griddle in his place and cover the grill with the lid.

4. Open the top and lower vents, which (lower ones) you do not close during baking. Leave it for 10 minutes so the grill heats up.

5. Start roasting the meat and don't open the lid to many times. If the flame ignite, while you are turning the meat, just cover the grill with the lid and the fire will be extinguished.

6. Regulate the inside temperature with the upper vent. For the fish we recommended a half- closed vents (beware - all metal parts are hot, so use a spatula also for vents).

7. The meat will be done sooner, because of the coovered system. It is enough, if you turn the meat just once, while baking it. You will get the feeling quickly.

8. When you are done with BBQ, close both vents and the fire will be extinguished in a few minutes. Try to clean the grill when it is still warm, so  it will be ready for the next BBQ fan. I am sure he will be more than grateful.

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