Why book your Croatia holiday with us?

Why book your Croatia holiday with us?

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As you are planning your holiday of any destination in summer, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably the picture of a wonderful beach... a fascinating blue sea... and endless fun in the warm sun, which gently touches your skin.

Visualisation is a part of planning the perfect holiday, the second important part is to lay back and enjoy the precious time with your friends or family when on holidays.

When looking for the perfect luxury villa or apartment in Croatia, you will be overwhelmed by the tons of possibilities. They do look different, but they all promise the same. In reality, very few satisfy your wishes and expectations.

How about booking your luxury holiday in Croatia with a boutique agency that treats their guests in a personal way and helps them find that perfect spot under the sun?

Or even better – choose a personal assitant in such an agency, that will make you fell like you are chatting with a good friend? Don't give the most precios thing - your holiday - to a random tourist agency which offers thousands of nice, but mediocre holiday rentals. Don't just book a house, book an expereince. That is why a personal approach to our guests is as important as a good looking luxury apartment or villa. 

Combining those two synergies together is our highest aim. And we believe that would make all the difference for you, a guest of Adriatic Pearls. 


You will probably wonder why we think so, right? Well, here are some quick facts:

1.)  Our work is our passion and our inspiration. 

First let me tell you that we are a young team whose passion is dedicated to the Adriatic Sea and constant discovery of new pearls, which with a little effort are turned into dream-like destinations. Sounds familiar? Everybody is saying that.

But what if I tell you that we pick properties, and spend luxury holidays there with our families?

What if I say that we personally pick hosts with great energy and great customer service? And If I tell you that we train the cleaning lady and the pool guy, so that they perform the service as for their own family – for you or for us. That matters to us. 

2.) On how to Book...

As you send us an inquiry we pay attention. Attention to each and every one of the wishes and your requests. And we respond fast, at least we try to. 

If our answer isn't quick enough, we are probably checking out on new luxury villas in Croatia, experiencing the local restaurants, testing our courage when climbing a wall (in order to supply you later with all the necessary information on fun activities) or we are just making your future luxury holiday home even more comfortable when speaking with interior designer :) 

At first, you get a looooong email :), with lots of information to digest, which all our guests appreciate greatly. We make the effort to bring the destination closer to you so we write a lot of details and give ideas what to do to fall in love with the destiantion. 

3.) Keeping you up to date

Before you even start your luxury holidays in Croatia, you´ll receive a special gift with a personal handwritten note and a key chain with our number on it. This way you can hang the key of your apartment on the key chain and our number will be always handy.

Still young as a team, but with a presence of more than a decade, we know every corner stone of the destination and every person you will meet there. Nothing is left to a chance.

…in addition to this, we provide you with the tips like where can you find the best restaurant, discover wonderful and hidden beaches to spent lazy summer days, enjoy a perfect party under the starry sky and help you when your pet companion needs a veterinarian :)

4.) Our hosts are our friends and perfect co-workers

When it comes to organize something special for our guests, the hosts on site are the right address - from extra towels, boat rentals up to elegant dinners in romantic restaurants... 

…some of them are real experts when it comes to local cuisine, and if they get to know you better, you might also be invited into their home for some extra experiences.

5.) What we promise is what you get!

Feast for your eyes on a picturesque location by the sea, magnificent sunsets, playful nature and above all the hospitality of warm hearted local people.

We offer everything from holiday for families with children, cozy love nests for just the two of you, secluded villas in lush arms of nature, perfect spots for team building activities up to luxury accommodations on paradise Croatian Islands.

We invest into rental apartments in Croatia, following standards such as high comfort, child friendly surroundings, perfect cleanliness and if possible powered by renewable energy :)

6.) Your opinion does matter

Based on your wishes and expectations we prepare a perfect holiday package – everything from transfers, pre-stocked fridge, private catering. Just name it and we will make sure everything will be prepared upon your arrival.

We cherish your opinion and suggestions regarding our Pearls. This way you give us the possibility to improve ourselves, lift the standards and constantly develop.

Through all of this we hope to give you all the elements required for ideal vacation experience - an incredible property is only one part of it. 

What to expect from our passionate service?