Boutique Hotel Lesic-Dimitri Palace

Old Town centre in Korcula, Korcula island

An exquisite restaurant with a dreamlike view of the archipelago of Korcula, massages, and spa treatments, a private sailboat and speedboat capture this grand experience into a lifelike holiday fairytale.

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Type persons Brochure Features
Venice, 3 bedrooms, 120m2 persons: 6 Brochure:   Features: A/C, Balcony, Sea View, Wi-Fi Rates & Availability ▾
China, 2 bedrooms, 113m2 persons: 4 Brochure:   Features: A/C, Balcony, Sea View, Wi-Fi Rates & Availability ▾
India, 2 bedrooms, 115m2 persons: 4 Brochure:   Features: A/C, Balcony, Sea View, Wi-Fi Rates & Availability ▾
Ceylon, 1 bedroom, 45m2 persons: 2 Brochure:   Features: A/C, Balcony, Sea View, Wi-Fi Rates & Availability ▾
Arabija, 1 spalnica, 103 m2 persons: 2 Brochure:   Features: A/C, Balcony, Sea View, Wi-Fi Rates & Availability ▾


Rates in the table are per residence per day.

Type Nr. of Persons Features October - May June, September July, August
Venice, 3 bedrooms 120 m2 6 AC+B+SAT TV+Wi-Fi 1.065 € 1.410 1.410 €
China, 2 bedrooms, 113 m2 4 AC+B+SV + SAT TV+Wi-Fi 870 € 1.130 1.130 €
India, 2 bedrooms, 115 m2 4 AC+SAT TV+Wi-Fi 650 € 880 880 €
Arabija, 1 bedroom, 103 m2 2 AC+SV + SAT TV+Wi-Fi 525 € 680 680 €
Ceylon, 1 bedroom, 45 m2 2 AC+SAT TV+Wi-Fi 350 € 480 480 €

B = Balcony or terrace
AC = Air-conditioning
SV = Sea view
Wi-Fi = Free Wi-Fi internet access



The luxury-boutique apartments are situated in the Old Town Centre of Korcula. There is less than 500 m to the first pebble beach or a rock patch but hidden beaches which you will reach with the help of the speedboat and its skipper and the sailboat are the true pearls.

Korcula is a green island which apart from its excellent wine and exceptional olive oil is also known for its delicious food. A guide will take you to the finest local konobas (typical Dalmatian restaurants with a home feel) while he introduces you to the turbulent history of this island.

You simply cannot miss the show called Moreska, a game of knights between the evil and the good knight. The excellent show, rich costumes, fencing duels and a dramatic love story with accompanying live string and wind instruments will take you a few centuries back in history!


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Boat rental possible
Free Wi-Fi
Pets forbidden
Minimum 2 bedrooms
Directly at the beach
Half board possible
Dish washer
Washing machine
Travel baby bed
Smoking forbidden
Sea view
Balcony / Terrace
Pebble beach
Breakfast possible


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Lesic-Dimitri Palace

In the heart of Korcula’s Old Town Centre – and next to the sea

Lesic–Dimitri Palace is placed within the walls of the medieval town of Korcula which many lovers of the Venetian architecture call “the little Dubrovnik”. It is situated next to the crystal Adriatic shore. Narrow streets dating back to the times of Venetian occupation (14th century), tall bourgeois houses with reddish roofs, pieces of the magnificent city wall, a cocktail bar at the grand tower ... all these things ensure that you will fall in love with Korcula. And when you hire a local guide to uncover the rest of this island’s beauties like its charming villages, secluded beaches and vineyard plantations, or take a sailboat or a speedboat ride to the nearby Dalmatian archipelago islands while you admire the most beautiful sunset in the world, you will experience a vacation you will want to tell your grandchildren about.

Uncovering the beauty of Korcula in the arms of luxurious comfort

A magnificently renovated Palace Lesic – Dimitri is composed of an 18th century bishop palace and 5 adjacent bourgeois houses of wealthy captains. Next to the palace is the birth house of the renowned traveller Marco Polo and it’s no surprise that each of the 6 luxuriously furnished apartments has his theme – The Silk Road of Marco Polo!

Travelling The Silk Road of Marco Polo

Apartments which are an exact copy of royal residences come in different sizes – between 50m2 and 160 m2 for 8 persons. Exclusive accompanying services like the restaurant with a breathtaking view of the archipelago of Korcula, spa treatments, a private sailboat and a speedboat capture this grand experience into a lifelike holiday fairytale.

A perfect harmony of the Orient and the Middle East

Each of the six residences is beautifully restored and their interior has an inspiration of one of Marco Polo’s six Silk Road routes. Enthusiastic furniture, discreet lighting which helps crate a magical atmosphere, ancient details like stone wash basins dating back to the 18th century, magnificent bath tubs inside the bedroom, hand-made furniture and countless state of the art details by a Taiwanese designer who created the perfect harmony of the eastern Zen philosophy and oriental luxury. The latter ensure an intimate atmosphere with a hint of royal grandeur.

Local charm of medieval Korcula

The palace is placed in the heart of the historic Korcula and is therefore ideal for everyone who loves art, history and medieval architecture. Rich museums, galleries, a beautiful cathedral, the prominent stairway, a turbulent history and lovely local shops will carry you to a world of imagination, kings and princesses, sieges and conspiracies all for the sake the rich medieval town of Korcula on which many conquerors wanted to feast. The whole island known for its islands in the immediate vicinity, bays, vineyards and extensive olive tree plantations offers an unforgettable experience softly rounded by the comfort of these luxurious residences.

Interior of each residence:

  • Wireless internet access (Wi-Fi)
  • Plasma TV in each room with SAT TV and Pay-TV
  • iPod speakers in every residence
  • Fully equipped kitchen with the possibility of food delivery or a la carte prepared menus
  • A well-stocked mini bar
  • Air-conditioned rooms with individual heating/cooling control
  • Dry cleaning or usual clothes cleaning
  • 24-hour staff availability
  • Valet parking
  • A concierge with numerous recommendations on how to spend the most beautiful holiday moments
  • An offer of interesting trips around the island of Korcula, activities and shopping for local products
  • The possibility of renting a laptop, a fax machine and printer
  • SPA treatments in the privacy of your residence (famous Asian massages)
  • Private transportation by speedboat or car from the Split or Dubrovnik airport

Residences – inspired by Marco Polo

Each of the six residences resonates the influence of the countries Marco Polo came to know during his Silk Road travels. Most have their own terrace or a balcony with an amazing view of the Adriatic sea, medieval gardens, St. Marc cathedral or the peaceful inner courtyard. A fantastic composition of the spaces with original detailing and unusual material combination will take you to a fairytale world of the Orient and the soothing Zen East.

RESIDENCE VENICE, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 120 m2

This impressive residence with high walls was the actual bishop residence 300 years ago. It will impress you with its high walls and even more with an exceptionally large table and chairs which will make you feel like you have just sat in a royal chair – there is at least another half a meter from the top of your head to the top of the chair’s back! With the surface of 120 m2 with red timberwork in the living room and magnificent furniture,

this residence equals that of three centuries ago. From the large living room there is an exit to a thatched balcony – loggia which is surrounded with fretted wood sides.

Each bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, a double bed (which can also become a twin) and plasma televisions.

RESIDENCE CHINA, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 113m2

The refined minimalist design of the Chinese ambiance where the originality of medieval Korcula is preserved is the key characteristic of this apartment. The lavishness of the East is emphasized with large bathrooms and a bath tub in the middle of the room.

A beautiful terrace with a top view of the Peljesac channel and the archipelago of Korcula is ideal for relaxing over morning coffee or evening romantics.

RESIDENCE INDIA, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 115 m2

Placed on the ground floor and decorated in the style of India where luxurious materials, marble and medieval stone are well mixed together, this residence offers a special warmth and magic. Both bedrooms exhibit a luxurious marble bath tub, the separated living area and separate dining area with a modern kitchen (with an island) offer inexpressible moments of pure pleasure! The detail which fascinates every individual is the bathroom floor – discreetly covered with bits of soft white rug – it is made of the original rough medieval stone! The feelings one is overcome by with this extraordinary combination of raw stone, marble bath tub, soft white lines and modern kitchen are indescribable. It must be experienced!

The private courtyard offers a sanctuary from the heat where you can relax in the very centre of the town.

RESIDENCE ARABIA, 1 space, 103 m2

1 large space spreading on 103m2 has one double bed, a luxurious living room, a modern kitchen, a large bath tub and a bathroom. There is an Arabian mystery about this residence. The entire space becomes a great white fairytale of 1001 night where the low yet wide sofa with its soft rug and large decorative cushions invites you into its arms. As you are about to give in you notice a bad with a bath tub on the left side of the residence and two lovely glass wash bins and the residence once again captures you into its magical arms of the soft bed and bubbling bath. Curious to find out what more hides behind these walls you take a look to the right and notice a beautifully lighted dining counter in the modern kitchen inviting you to have a glass of white wine – or if you really have a desire to be daring – a glass of red Korcula wine.

The residence prides itself on the breathtaking view of all sides – the Peljesac channel, the archipelago of Korcula, the town roofs and St. Elias, the highest top of the Peljesac peninsula. If there were only three words which best describe the experience of this residence, they would undoubtedly be romantics, intimacy and luxury. A place to spend your first wedding night!

RESIDENCE CEYLON 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 45m2

The Ceylon residence is placed under the barrel arches of the original medieval house. Rich details, discreet lighting, top materials, soft fabrics and playful use of lighting and lights remind one of South Asia which harmoniously completes the typical ambiance of medieval Korcula. It has also got a well equipped smaller kitchen and boasts with all the characteristics of other residences.

Breakfast on the terrace of the residence with a beautiful view of the sea is included in the price.

It is possible to rent the entire Palace which can accommodate 30 people for 5.690 €/night and during the out-of-season months for 4.590 €/night. The Palace is closed between November and March but can be rented for 3.100 €/night.

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