ECO Aparthotel "The Dreamers' Club"

Lumbarda on Korcula Island, 6 km from Korcula old Town

Discover The Dreamers' Club: a vintage-inspired, Eco-friendly beachfront aparthotel, seamlessly combining charm and luxury. Immerse yourself in lush Mediterranean gardens and sustainable living for a dreamy escape.

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Apartment (4+1) Arabia persons: 4+1 Brochure:   Features: A/C, Wi-Fi, Sea View, Balcony, Grill Rates & Availability ▾
Apartment (4+1) Boho persons: 4+1 Brochure:   Features: A/C, Wi-Fi, Sea View, Balcony, Grill Rates & Availability ▾
Apartment (2+2) Sun Ray persons: 2+2 Brochure:   Features: A/C, Wi-Fi, Sea View, Balcony, Grill Rates & Availability ▾
Apartment (2+2) Garden persons: 2+2 Brochure:   Features: A/C, Wi-Fi, Sea View, Balcony, Grill Rates & Availability ▾
Apartment (2+2) Love persons: 2+2 Brochure:   Features: A/C, Wi-Fi, Sea View, Balcony, Grill Rates & Availability ▾
Studio apartment Aqua persons: 2-4 Brochure:   Features: A/C, Sea View, Balcony, Grill, Wi-Fi Rates & Availability ▾
Speed Boat 5.5 m - 100 HP persons: 7 Brochure:   Features: 100 HP, 5.5 m, 7 persons, Radio+MP3 Rates & Availability ▾
Fisherman's boat - 4 HP persons: 4 Brochure:   Features: 4 HP, 4.2 m, 4-5 persons, 2 paddles Rates & Availability ▾
SUP rent persons: 1 Brochure:   Features: 1-2 Persons, Paddle, Inflatable up to 120 kg Rates & Availability ▾
Bike rent persons: 1 Brochure:   Features: Mountain bike, Option baby seat Rates & Availability ▾

Breakfast can be ordered for 25,00 € per day and person, children from 2-8 years 15,00 € per day, babies free of charge.

SUP rent: 20 eur for a day

Bicycles available: 15,00 € per day for adult bike and 10,00 € per day for kids bike

Speed Boat renting: 220 Euros/day + fuel (licence needed)



The aparthotel is situated in lovely Lumbarda town, only 6 km away from old Korcula town (little Dubrovnik they say), with the magnificent Venetian old town centre. 

To reach the sea you will need only 10 m; the first pebble beach, ideal for small toddlers, called Prvi Zal, is only 50 m away! There is a konoba (konoba is a croatian word for local "tavern") – Feral – only 250 m away from the house, offering lovely setting with sea view and excellent Mediterranean cuisine. A delicious pizzeria Torkul, where you may enjoy a tasty pizza with fresh ingredients and crispy dough, is also only 2 walking minutes away. 

Being situated directly at the town centre, a little romantic marina with sailing boats is just in front of the house. First grocery shop is less than 150 m away along the sea, the second 250 m away. In the nearest vicintiy are also:  

- trampoline with children playground and ice-cream stands (80 m),

- post office (150 m)

- different restaurants (200-800 m)

- caffes with great coffee (150 m)

- wine & suvenir shops (200 m) and

- three ATM machines (200-300 m)

Lumbarda is situated on the south cape of Korcula island. It is surrounded with sandy beaches, the two most famous being Bilin Zal (800 m away waling path along the sea) and Przina beach (1 km).

Numerous small islands, scattered in the sea forming an Archipelago of Korcula, and its surroundings, create long shoals and offer ideal conditions for water sports, excursions with rented small fisherman's boat, SUP as well as kayaking around the tourquise water and its little islets (some of them full of rabbits and deers!).

The path to the Bilin Zal and Przina beach is filled with picturesque vineyards while you inhale the aroma of the sea, the greenery of local wine grooves and admire the colors of the Mediterranean. In the evening you can enjoy the local gastronomy at the three restaurants situated directly by the sea.

The charm of this little fisherman's town is in the fact, that there are no crowds even in the peak summer months. Since big hotels or resorts do not exist here, a few houses and one small hotel offer apartments and a couple of rooms, therefore you won't feel overcrowded and always able to find a secluded spot on a couple of Lumbarda's beaches.



First pebble beach Prvi Zal is only 50 m from The Dreamers' Club. The beach is known for its rich offer of daily watersports & fun. There is also a local Beach club, where you get cold drinks during the day, and at night you pamper yourself with a nice cocktail, while admiring a magical sunset.

The Surf & Kayak rental at the beach offers a variety of activities in water, and from here you also have the possibility to discover the neighbouring islands.

The sandy beaches are 800 m away from The Dreamers' Club and are called Bilin Zal and Przina (1 km away). Both are very loved by families with small children. There is also a bar and a restaurant on both beaches. 

Bilin Zal beach lies on the northern side of Lumbarda and features a wonderful view to Peljesac Peninsula. A way to reach this beach from The Dreamers' Club is along the paved seaside pedestrial only road.

The crystal clear sea with its transparent waters and beautiful underwater world make it the perfect spot for starting diving. 

How do I reach Lumbarda?

With an airplane:

Best way is to fly to Dubrovnik International Airport or Split International Airport (second best option). From there you can take catamaran to Korcula Island. From the port we can organize you taxi that takes you to your apartment (10 min drive, 100 HRK).

With a car:

There are 3 ways to reach Lumbarda: from any point in Europe, you pass Slovenia to reach the coastal town of Split (big ferry harbor) and then take a 2,5-hour Ferry drive to Vela Luka (a town in Korcula Island), from where there is a 45-minute drive to Lumbarda.

The second possibility is that you pass Split and reach a coastal town of Ploce and board a ferry for Trpanj (on Peljesac Peninsula), from where you need to drive 25 minutes to reach another harbour town, Orebic, where you board a car ferry to Korcula Island, only 5 kilometrs away from Lumbarda. 

Another option is to go over the brand new Pelješki bridge from the town of Komarna. When you cross this bridge, you come from Komarna towards Brijesta. From there you have a 45-minute drive to Orebić. And then by ferry from Orebič to Korčula (Dominče). From there you only need 5 km to Lumbarda.


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Boat rental possible
Buggy friendly
Free Wi-Fi
Pets welcome
Directly at the beach
Outdoor grill
Half board possible
Washing machine
Travel baby bed
Smoking forbidden
Sea view
Balcony / Terrace
Pebble beach
Naturist beach
Breakfast possible



Who are these fairy-tale locations by the sea intended for?

Villas, apartments and boutique hotels on this web page are selected for exceptional people, those who seek the finer things in life, delight in a breathtaking ambiance and appreciate the hosts' genuine care and authentic smile.

If you are tired of mass tourism and are looking for something inspiring and authentic, you have come to the right place. We take care of your needs as if they were our own. Because here details do matter.


Eco Aparthotel features 6 apartments, a playful green outdoor with many different terraces full of lounges, sun beds, hammocks and tree house.

Check our official IG page for more videos and photos here.

The Green Story

Green reconstruction line was stylishly integrated with ecological shabby chick equipment, peppered up with hotel services such as regular cleaning and breakfast.

With 1000 m2 of gardens and terraces this property offers a perfect dilemma of whether to chill in a hammock, in a massage baldachin, on a tree house (built on a 100 years old tree!), lounge bar or on a sun bed with a panoramic sea view.

Non-toxic & non-allergenic materials were used in construction; main materials being wood and local stone.

Organic linens, ecological cleaning supplies, recycling and composting programs are added value for healthy microclimate in the apartment and responsible relationship to Nature.

Products in the bar, where an ecological & locally grown produce for guests’ breakfast is prepared, are sourced primarily from local organic or sustainable producers. Breakfast can be ordered for 25,00 € per day and person, and for children from 0-6 years 15,00 € per day.

We offer ecological healthy 5 course breakfast/brunch.
A typical breakfast consist of freshly squeezed orange juice, excellent herbal teas & organic coffee, ecological goat cheese, local tomatoes, basil, olive oil, olives, homemade honey and marmalade, local fruits, yogurt, patisserie, croissants and Dalmatian smoked ham, Buddha bowl -  the main ingredient is a variety of vegetables like sweet potato, grilled zucchini, fresh spinach, sweet tomatoes, slices of cucumber, local cheese and much more. It’s never totally identical, as every day is a new start and has a fresh vibe :) Definitely a must!
And also chia pudding with local yogurt and local fruits which are very popular among our guests. 

The atmosphere rounds up lush Mediterranean vegetation around the house. This family-run eco hotel has its own compost, and one of the sources of water is its own water tank (treatment with filters and eco-friendly disinfection).

The idea of energetically independent property is presented through the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar collectors for heating water, heat pump for air-conditioning and the planned production of electricity from photovoltaic panels in the near future.

“This is a proud representative of Sustainable Green Tourism, where the guest is fully integrated into the life of a local people if he whishes so."

There are very few (if any) pieces of plastic equipment; 97% of all materials used are biodegradable and offer a perfectly healthy microclimate for relaxation and profoundly deep, recharging sleep.

The large amount of glass used in the upper floor where two panoramic Apartments, Love and Sunray are nestled, reduces the daytime requirement for electrical lighting and offers stunning view to the sea and charming islets.

LED bulbs are used in light fixtures throughout the property. These use much less energy (80%), generate no heat and last much longer than incandescent bulbs, which turned out to be an added value not only for the property management, but as well for a conscious guests when trying to be as little CO2-footprint-positive as possible.

“We want you to be able to gaze at the stars and think of the big dreams of yours...”

At night, guests enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the gardens and lounge area, while observing the sky full of stars (the amount of outdoor lighting was minimized to limit “light pollution”).

The Dreamers’ Club founders resisted the proposition from everyone to build more apartments on the existing property of 1.500 m2, since overbuilding and profit chasing was not their aim. The goal was that guests could enjoy the vast area of property and feel completely free, connected with the nature and their selves.

As much as the belief is that the guests should be centered towards their families and building real face time relationships with other guests, reading good books and loosing connection with the world they left behind, this stylish eco Aparthotel house does enable a Wi-Fi connection through the property.

All apartments are proudly TV-free (some good books available!), but an LCD TV and Satellite system is ready on stand-by in case a guest would express such a wish.

Air-conditioning is secured through the ecological heat pump, which enables cooling the apartment to selected temperature in less than a minute (therefore omitting the need to keep the air-con constantly running).

In winter times, the same system heats the apartment to a “sauna degree”, so it is very pleasurable to do yoga on the wooden floor even in the somewhat cooler months of January and February (yoga mattresses available on site).

Free parking along the house is available to all guests, where free charging of Electrical Vehicles is offered (EV owners arriving with their cars have special benefits when booking the Aparthotel, so do mention that upon booking).

Exploring the island and nearby secret bays is best done with bicycle, which you can rent at the property itself (for a symbolic price) as well as SUP boards.


Inspired with Buddhist philosophy of 5 basic elements, all our 6 apartments carry a theme of one element:


1. White Arabia apartment (air) – gentle, tender, mysterious

Ground floor 1-bedroom apartment with wonderful big terrace (40 m2) with sea view is one of the guest’s favorite. It accommodates up to 5 adult persons and offers a separated bedroom (double bed) with a lot of space and its own cooling/heating unit and an entrance to the toilet.

The second part of the apartment offers small but charming kitchen with small refrigerator (and a super small freezer), a living room with big and cozy couch (when one person can comfortably sleep); that continues to a double bed with wardrobe and entrance to the toilet. This part of the apartment also has its own cooling/heating unit.

2. Baby Blue Aqua apartment (water) – playful, always changing, calming

This uni-space apartment can accommodate up to 4 persons, ideally a family with 2 children.

One double bed, big wardrobe, pullout sofa that stretches into 160 x 200 cm big bed (due to real mattresses), a toilet with SPA shower and small but practical kitchen is everything that one family needs as a base for exploring the beautiful Korcula island.

A really comfortable outdoor terrace (covered and protected from the sun) with the view to the gardens and to the sea (although due to a lot of vegetation there is hard to see any sea) is the most used part of the apartment, where our guests spend the most time and our youngest guest play with many on-site equipment.

1st floor

3. Light grey Boho apartment (Ether) – crazy, bubbling, turning everything around

First floor 1-bedroom apartment Boho accommodates 4 adults on two double beds and 5th person on a king-size Sofa.

While a smaller terrace with chairs and table for 5 persons is positioned behind the house with the view to the Mediterranean lush vegetation (such as lemon, orange trees and some herbs), from the apartment one can enjoy an inspiring view to the Adriatic Sea and the small islets, scattered all over the transparent water.

This unit offers one separated bedroom (double bed) with its own cooling/heating unit, and the big living room with big and cozy couch (when one person can comfortably sleep), which continues to the second double bed with wardrobe, small but charming kitchen island with a refrigerator (and a super small freezer), and a toilet with big SPA shower. This bigger part of the apartment has the second cooling/heating unit.

4. Mint Garden apartment (Earth) – strong, stable, confidant

With everything being in a uni-space, this cozy apartment with a terrace behind the house features:

-       a cozy double bed,

-       small, charming mint-colored kitchen and

-       a living room with pullout couch (which due to real mattresses converts to a big double bed of 160 x 200 cm in dimensions).

Modern equipped bathroom has a separate SPA shower, located near the double bed, so when you are taking a shower you have a direct view to the sea!

The same goes for sitting at the dining table, from where stretches a beautiful view to the turquoise water and sailing boats of little marina.  

2nd Floor

5. Yellowish Sunray apartment (fire) – invigorating, positive, energizing

Top of the house is somewhat special.

Both 2nd floor apartments are identical. They share a common terrace with a spectacular view to the sea. Most local people visiting this Eco Aparthotel say that this is the best view to the sea on the whole Island. Many guests have meditated over this view and couldn’t move their eyes away.

Apartment is blessed with a wonderful panorama windows overlooking the sea.This Uni-space apartment with high celling features:

-       a comfortable double bed (180 cm x 200 cm),

-       a living room with pullout couch (that converts to a double bed due to real mattresses – 160 cm x 200 cm),

-       a gallery with a mattress on the floor (140 cm x 200 cm) for 2 children

-       a SPA shower with a direct view to the sea,

-       a toilet

-       a beautiful kitchen corner (with again, a view to the sea)

Children adore the gallery since they experience it as their own personal hideaway.

Although the apartment has only 40 m2, due to a high celling, a gallery, panorama windows overlooking the sea and the terrace outside the apartment, it creates a feeling of a vast, open and cozy space.

On the terrace with a really breathtaking sea view you can enjoy your morning coffee with view to Peljesac Peninsula, small islands and fisherman’s boats leaving and entering the marina. In the evenings, take a glass of red wine and fall in love with life and the magical colors of the sunset melting down behind the hill...

Since we have six apartments (and the buddistic elements are only five), we added another element, as an universal one, for the sixth apartment:

6. Pink Love apartment - love, acceptance and romance

This apartment has identical description as the above Sunray. It is most often booked by hooneymoon couples and reserved as a residence for newlyweds. Name says it all :) 



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