Let's meet

Let's meet

Tanja, Damir, Tjasa, Marcel, Sasa, Ivona, Stefan and the dog Indi

will take care of you every step of the way:

- with your holiday home selection process,

- reservation process,

- your travelling and your vacation.

Over 4860 families have put our trust in us since our founding in 2005 and came back delighted!

Tanja Gutenmorgen

- Founder of the company (since 2005)

- Madly in love with the Adriatic Sea and Dalmatia region

- Loves people

- Hedonist at heart

Favorite Adriatic getaway: Korcula Island and Dubrovnik - the most beautiful city in the world!

Life’s attitude: Enjoy life

Damir Duračković

- A father of 2 children 

- Enthusiastic sommelier 

- Rigorous Ironman

- Loves Istria region and byciling

Favorite Adriatic getaway: Rovinj town and sports surroundings in Istria

Life’s attitude: Take it easy, relax

Tjaša Muhic

About her: she is the newest member of the Adriatic Pearls and since her childhood she was pretty enthusiastic about the Island Murter and generally the whole Dalmatia. She loves beautiful beaches, hidden bays, discovering cocktail bars and romantic sunsets. 

Favorite place at the Adriatic coast: simply whole Dalmatia. 

Life´s attitude: What goes around, comes around...

Stefan Gutenmorgen

About him: Tanja’s husband, who is actually working half-time as a pilot in Lufthansa.

He is also (with his German precision) deeply engaged in the company’s customer service’s standards and

pre-selection of new houses.

Favorite place at the Adriatic coast: Viganj and Bol (he adores kiting)!

Life’s attitude: Be grateful, be friendly and smile!

Labrador dog Indi

About her: our Dalmatian team player. She lives on Korcula Island in Lumbarda and takes care of the Aparthotel "The Dreamers' Club" together with the host Nela and her owner Tanja. Definitely our most popular team member :)

Favorite place at the Adriatic Coast: She knows only Korcula, and she loves it!

Life’s attitude: Be a little devil every time you can

Ivona Plančič

About her: our host and personal consultant for our guests in Bol apartments. She lives in Bol at Brac Ialsnad and give our guests all the secrets of best restaurants, beaches and experiences.

Favorite place at the Adraitic Coast: Undoubtly Bol.

Life’s attitude: Life is beautiful, so is Bol!

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